NTRA Events Archive


A "Howard's 'Rural Ramble & Ride'" - 6 hr Metrogaine / 4 hr Cyclegaine
Howard Springs & surrounds, 21st November 2015

Enjoy a warm afternoon & evening during the 'build up' in the
Howard Springs Village and surrounds, including the Pine Forest.
The Hash House will be at the Howard Springs School.

Course Setter : Ben Saunders
Course Vetter : Simon Saunders

"Rossi's Granite, Grass & Gravity" - 12 hr Bush Rogaine (with 6 hr roving option)
Mt Bundy area, 29th August 2015

A 12 hour event in the brilliant spur-gully terrain of McKinlay River Station,
which caters for all from novice to die hard. There is an option for a 6 hour
roving which is an event within the 12 hour event.

To commit to the six hour means that you can come and go off the course as you
desire, but not exceed a total of 6 hours within the 12 hour period.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetters : Susi Berti, Marj King, Paul Potter

The "WaterfallMania" - 9 hr Bush Rogaine
Litchfield National Park
30th May 2015

Situated at the Lost City area, get intimate with Litchfield National Park
and discover its unique and subtle beauty. The course covers an area from
Greenant Creek, along the escarpment south to Sandy Creek falls inclusive
of their watershed areas.

Course Setter : Plaxy Purich
Course Vetters : N/A

The "Ambulators & Velocipeders" - 6 hr Metrogaine / 4 hr Cyclegaine
Inner Darwin suburbs
28th February 2015

Enjoy a 6 hour Metrogaine or a 4 hour Cyclegaine around
the inner Darwin suburbs.
The Hash House will be at the Stuart Park Primary School

Course Setter : N/A
Course Vetters : N/A


A "Little Left of Lee" - 6 hr Outersuburbagaine / 4 hr Cyclegaine
Lee Point & surrounds, 15th March 2014

A wonderful course that takes you through the wilds of Lee Point and surrounds.
The Hash House will be at the Lee Point Reserve.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Marj King

"Red Rocks & Green Grass" - 6 hr Bush Rogaine
Coomalie Farm, 21st June 2014

Naturally and historically fascinating yet challenging bush course.

Course Setter : Marj King
Course Vetter : Plaxy Purich

The "Rollingstock Reminisce" - 24 Hr NT Championships
Eastern Litchfield National Park + Adelaide River Township
6th/7th September 2014

Enjoy the brilliant technical spur / gully terrain, lovely views, historic
railway remnants and water courses that this unique area has to offer.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetters : Mike Broadbent & Jon Smith

"Lace n' Chain Metrogaine" - 6 hr Metrogaine / 4 hr Cyclegaine
Knuckey's Lagoon, 8th November 2014

An event for all those well laced fleet footed ramblers and wheelly impelled chain gangs
that endeavour to conquer and remember the hours spent in November hiking or biking
in and around Dickie's Laguna harena.

Course Setter : Michael Dunbar
Course Vetter : Susan Berger


The "Pleasant Point Plod" - 4 Hr Metrogaine
Darwin Waterfront, 19th October 2013

Grab some friends and come along to explore East Point and the surrounding streets and parks in this 4-hour Metrogaine.
The Hash House will be at picturesque Lake Alexander.

Course Setter : Simon Saunders, Ben Saunders
Course Vetter : —

Shoal Bay's "Snappy Sneakers & Speedy Spokes" - 6 Hr Metrogaine / 4 Hr Cyclegaine
Darwin Northern Suburbs, 25th May 2013

Have fun as the weather cools, visiting a variety of terrain, streets and parks right across the Northern Suburbs
and tracks in both Holmes Jungle and Casuarina Coastal Reserve. Some bush controls for the walkers.

Course Setter : Wolfgang Meike, Biz Overend
Course Vetter : Marj King

Howard's Hike n' Spring Spin - 6 Hr Ruralgaine / 3 Hr Cyclegaine
Lake Girraween - Howard Springs, 23rd February 2013

Enjoy a Wet Season hike or spin around the Howard Springs area.

Course Setter : Sue Berger
Course Vetter : Mike Dunbar


The 'Lovely Litchfield Loops' - 8 Hr Bush Rogaine
Eastern part of Litchfield National Park, 30th June 2012

Located in the brilliant rogaining terrain of Eastern Litchfield National Park, just after the entrance coming from
Batchelor. This area has not been used since 2004.

Course Setter : Marj King
Course Vetter : Jon Potter

Boots n Bike Bissextile Burbs Bash - 6 Hr Metrogaine / 3 Hr Cyclegaine
Marrara Christian School, 18th February 2012

Meander along the parks and back streets or race along the major roads of Darwins Northern Suburbs.

Course Setter : Sue Berger
Course Vetter : Mike Dunbar


Croc n Rock (REVISITED) - 24 Hr NT Championships
Litchfield National Park, 10th September 2011

This will be the first 24 hour event conducted in the stunning Florence Falls area since the original event in 1999.
Come and enjoy the brilliant sandstone escarpment terrain in the NT’s Litchfield National Park.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetters : Pippa Fetherston, Anna Richards, Adam Liedloff

Coomalie Caper - 3 Hr Bush Minigaine
Coomalie Farm (87km south of Darwin), 19th June 2011

Located on the historic Coomalie Farm property, 87km south of Darwin. The area was the site of an extensive
WWII airfield and camp.

Course Setter : Simon Saunders
Course Vetter : Ben Saunders

The Bouganville Bash - 6 Hr Metrogaine / 4 Hr Cyclegaine
Palmerston East to Howard Springs, 16th April 2011

Palmerston and surrounding rural areas.
Hash House located at a park near Lakeview Boulevard.

Course Setters : Randall Cook, Brad Gaddes, Kay Dobson
Course Vetter : Christine Marron

"Son of Rod Cod" - 4 Hr Metrogaine
Lake Alexander (East Point, Darwin), 19th March 2011

A revisit to the site of the first Metrogaine at Lake Alexander.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Audrey Hill


Wolfie Made Me Do It - 12 Hr/8 Hr Bush Rogaine
Near Mt Bundy on the Arnhem Highway, 21st August 2010

Come and join us in this brilliant Rogaine Country. It awaits a mix of flat, easy areas, steeper hills with granite
boulders and lots of technical, subtle spur/gully sections. The hilltops will reward with great views and the valleys
provide some shade.

Course Setter : Wolfgang Meike
Course Vetter : Anna Richards, Marj King

The Ethiopia Experience - 18 Hr Bush Rogaine (or 9 Hr Roving)
Litchfield National Park, 26th June 2010

Enjoy the brilliant technical spur / gully terrain, lovely views and water courses that this unique area has to offer.
Camp at the Hash House site Fri & Sat night. Event also suitable for beginners with bush walking experience.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetters : Martina Honey, Dianne Young

Wet Season Wallow - 6 Hr Outer Suburbagaine
Knuckey Lagoon Recreational Reserve, 6th March 2010

An opportunity for both experienced and inexperienced people with a reasonable amount of fitness to try a
Metrogaine in Darwin's outer suburbs.

Course Setter : Sue Rose, Kevin Thiele, Wolfgang Meike
Course Vetters : Sue Rose, Marj King


Hayes Creek Rush - 24 Hr NT Championships
Hayes Creek area, 11th/12th July 2009

Set in the spectacular historic gold mining area around Hayes Creek with its outstanding escarpment terrain, this
challenging course features spectacular sandstone escarpment and plateau, steepish spurs and gullies, and alluvial
plains, and there are waterfalls and steep sided sandstone gorges.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Leigh Privett

May Minigaine - 3 Hr Bush Minigaine
Hidden Valley (Berrimah), 9th May 2009

Starting at the Hidden Valley raceway at 4pm and covering 50% bush / 50% suburbs, it promises to be a wonderful
event. Gather a team together and come along for a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Course Setters : Mark Haste, Christine Marron
Course Vetter : Wolfgang Mieke

CDU Canter & Cruise - 6 Hr Metrogaine / 4 Hr Cyclegaine
Charles Darwin University (Casuarina Campus), 7th March 2009

Situated at the Charles Darwin University (CDU) campus, this course includes about 40% fringe bush. All bush
controls will be on tracks and if not, will be legally accessible by bike. The track surfaces are such that only mountain
bikes are suitable.

Course Setter : Ben Saunders
Course Vetter : Simon Saunders


"Freds Folly" Outer Suburbagaine - 6 Hr Metrogaine
Freds Pass Area, 13th September 2008

Typical outer Darwin suburbia with about 30% intermingled bush/scrub, set in the Freds Pass area.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Peter Sinclair

Leisurely Lake Loiter - 6 Hr Metrogaine / 3 Hr Cyclegaine
Fannie Bay, 16th February 2008

Typical inner Darwin suburbia and industrial terrain with about 35% intermingled bush/scrub/mangrove, set in the
Fannie Bay area.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Mani Berghout


"Top End Seeds" September Slog - 9 Hr Rogaine
Coomalie East, 22nd September 2007

Enjoy the lovely Build-Up to the Top End Wet Season with this bush rogaine at the Coomalie East area.

Course Setter : Marj King
Course Vetter : Peter Slade

"Yeperenye Yaw" - 24 Hr Rogaine - Australian Championships
Ross River Homestead, 28/29th July 2007

This area in the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges was chosen for it’s typically Centralian, rugged beauty, it’s diverse,
variable terrain and the superb, desert fringe rogaining weather at that time of year. Add to that the excellent tourism
opportunities for entrants and officials, before and after the event, and this makes for a unique site on which to host
an Oz Champs.

See the 2007 ARC Web Page for the official results.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetters : Rob Tucker & Andrew Murphy (SARA)

The "Magical May" Mini-Marathon - 6 Hr Rogaine
Coomalie East region, 26th May 2007

This rogaine will be held on properties in the Coomalie East region, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to experience
a beautiful spot in the Top End.

Course Setters : Jon Potter, Marj King

Berrimah "Boot and Bike" - 6 Hr Metrogaine or 4 Hr Cyclegaine
Hidden Valley Motor Sports area, 3rd March 2007

Enjoy the Top End Wet Season with this wet and muddy bush rogaine suitable for foot sloggers or mountain bikes,
located at Hidden Valley Motor Sports area.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Christine Marron


Howard Springs "Wet Season Wander" - 6 Hr Metrogaine or 4 Hr Cyclegaine
Howard Springs Nature Reserve, 4th November 2006

Enjoy the start of the Top End Build-Up with this delightful 6 hour rogaine in country nearby to Lake Bennett

Course Setters : Kieth Boakes, John Shanahan

Big Red's Bush Bumble - 9 Hr Rogaine
Coomalie South at Stapleton Creek, 2nd September 2006

A Bush Rogaine in the salubrious Stapleton Creek locale (between Adelaide River and Batchelor).

Course Setter : Christine Marron
Course Vetter : Jon Potter

Palmy Pursuit - 6 hr Metrogaine / 3 hr Cyclegaine
Palmerston area & surrounding bushland, 11th February 2006

A Wet Season Metrogaine. Explore the streets of Palmerston, and the surrounding bush.

Course Setter : Kevin Thiele


Bennett's Beguiling Bush Bash - 6 Hr Rogaine
near Lake Bennett, 17th September 2005

Enjoy the start of the Top End Build-Up with this delightful 6 hour rogaine in country nearby to Lake Bennett.

Course Setter : Kieth Boakes
Course Vetter : John Shanahan

Reptile River Rogaine - 24 Hr NT Championships
Adelaide River Township area, 16th July 2005

Enjoy the Top End Dry Season with a 12/24 hour rogaine in scenic country around the township of Adelaide River.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Mark Raines

Darwin's History Mysteries - 6 Hr Metrogaine / 3-Hr Cyclegaine
Parap School (Darwin), 26th February 2005

A great introduction to ROGAINING is the METROGAINE, which leads teams through urban areas placing
less reliance on compass navigation and bush craft.

Course Setter : Julie Mastin
Course Vetter : Ron Ninnis


Rock 'n' Robin - 24 Hr NT Championships
Near Adelaide River, 22nd - 23rd June, 2002

The area promises intricate and interesting navigation, with some faster, flatter country as well. The course setter
believes it is the prettiest country you have ever seen.

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetters : Peter Slade, Chris Slade

The Campus Caper - 6 Hr Metrogaine
Palmerston, 23rd February 2002

Teams of two to five people navigate on foot through the streets and parks of Palmerston to as many control
points as possible, and return in less than six hours.

Teams will answer multiple-choice questions based on observations and information at the control points to
gain points — the team with the most points wins! But it’s not all about winning – it’s fun, exercise, working
as a team, navigation, discovering the Palmerston you don't know!

Course Setter : Susi Bertei
Course Vetter : Peter Slade


The 'Adelaide River' Rogaine - 6 Hr Rogaine
Adelaide River, 1st September 2001

The course, covering approximately 30 square kilometres, will be set in a mixture of hilly country and open black
soil plains on both sides of the Adelaide River.

There will be one crocodile-safe crossing point over the Adelaide River. The highest point is at 196 metres.
The vegetation will be mostly burnt, but with some grassy overgrown watercourses. Overall the course will offer
a mixture of easy and subtle navigation. According to the course setter (and we all know course setters tell the
truth) there is a small gorge "so thick with butterflies that you have to part them with your hands!"

Course Setter : Jon Potter
Course Vetter : Tony Galliford

The 'Rock and Roll' Rogaine - 24 Hr NT Championships
Hayes Creek, 3rd - 4th June 2001

An extremely scenic area, about an hour and a half drive from Darwin along the Stuart Highway. The area promises
good navigation, with actual hills (a bit of a novelty for Darwin residents!) This will be a 24 hour event, with a
"roving" 12 hour option.

Course Setter : Paul Sharp
Course Vetters : David Palmer, John Ulrichsen, Annie Whybourne, Tony Galliford

The 'Leanyer Meander' Metrogaine - 2nd Annual NT Metrogaine
Northern Suburbs of Darwin, 24th February 2001

This season's metrogaine was be held in Darwin’s northern suburbs, based at Leanyer Recreation Park (Leanyer Lake).

Course Setter : Tony Galliford
Course Vetter : Peter Slade


'Sweat and Swim' - 6-Hr Rogaine
Manton Dam, 7th October 2000

Course Setter: Paul Sharp
Vetters: John Ulrichsen, Annie Whybourne

The only NTRA "bush" event of 2000, the Sweat and Swim Rogaine was held at Manton Dam, less than an
hour’s drive from Darwin, during the early cusp of tropical "buildup" weather.

Course Setter : Paul Sharp
Course Vetters : John Ulrichsen, Annie Whybourne

Rock Cod - Inaugural NT Metrogaine
Darwin Area, 26th February 2000

This event was held around Darwin City and the eastern suburbs of Darwin, ranging as far north as Nightcliff and
Rapid Creek. The famous floating control was deployed in Lake Alexander.

Course Setters : John Ulrichsen, Annie Whybourne
Course Vetter : Paul Sharp